I passionately love the piano

One of my greatest pleasures is playing and helping others to experience the total joy of creating beautiful music.

Musical Activities

I have participated in a wide range of musical activities, both as a solo performer and with other musicians. The background music  on my website is my performance of the Chopin Etude Op 25 No 1.


I have taught pupils of all ages, from young children to senior citizens, and from total beginners to advanced performers. I currently teach from my home studio where I have a Kawai RX-2 grand piano.

My teaching is focussed on the needs of each individual pupil, whether they wish to play for personal enjoyment or to sit for examinations. I have recording equipment so that pupils can get feedback on their playing and informal performances can be arranged for students who like to play for others.


I joined the Australian Society for Keyboard Music (ASKM) which is now Recitals Australia. I participated in formal recitals in Edmund Wright House and in many informal recitals in the homes of members, which are held to encourage students of all levels in a supportive, non-critical environment.

I have given classical performances for volunteer organisations, church groups, and participated in various festivals and musical events.


I have accompanied instrumentalists and vocalists participating in the Adelaide Eisteddfod events and have seen some wonderful performances. Instruments have included clarinet, oboe, violin and second piano. Being an accompanist involves lengthy practice sessions as well as the final event and requires different skills from solo performance.

I have accompanied a number of classical musicians in auditions at the Elder Conservatorium of Music in Adelaide.

My Musical History

My love of piano has been my enduring passion and has sustained me throughout the challenges of life.

My Musical History

When I was four years old I heard 'Sparky's Magic Piano', a story about a boy who dreamed that his piano could play for him. There I heard Chopin's Etude Opus 10 No. 12 ("Revolutionary Study") and decided that I had to be able to play it. So my grandma bought me an old piano, and my dad fixed up all the keys. My mum used to clap her hands to help me keep time when playing. I started lessons with Miss Lily Thorrington at the back of a music shop in Walsall, England.  

She was a very strict teacher but she taught me so much and my lessons with her only ended when my parents moved away when I was eleven years old. I always think of her with love and I still have my old music with her handwriting and her instructions to me.

For various reasons my musical education for many years after that was intermittent, mainly group classes at school, school concerts and performances.  After leaving school, we moved to Australia where I began a long successful career as a computer programmer in Defence. At the same time I gained medals in ballroom dancing and began teaching students.

My busy life was full of learning and many new professional and personal challenges, but piano and Chopin were never far from my mind.

I eventually married and had two children, a daughter and a son, and used to play music with my babies sleeping next to the piano. I yearned to play better and learn more.

Years later my daughter, who played the flute, told me that her teacher was a concert pianist and arranged for me to go and play for him. Her teacher was Graeme Tyler, who is now the Head of Performing Arts at the Australian International School in Hong Kong. Graeme is a wonderful teacher and he taught me for a number of years, helping me to improve to the extent that I passed advanced exams in Music Theory and Musicianship and gained my A.Mus.A. (Associate of Music Australia) from the Australian Music Examinations Board in 1986.

I auditioned for a Single Studies scholarship at Elder Conservatorium of Music at the University of Adelaide. I was honoured to be able to study with Mr. Clemens Leske Snr. A.M. for two years. It was such a wonderful time for me, the atmosphere of the University, the performances, the music. My lessons were some of the best times of my life with an unforgettably inspirational pianist and teacher who gave me his patient guidance. With his help I reached L.Mus.A. standard (Licentiate of Music Australia).

I began taking piano students from complete beginners to advanced performers and loved helping them gain confidence and to experience so much joy from playing.

I am a very patient teacher, willing to teach students at their own pace and to tailor the lessons for their individual needs. My aim is to provide relaxed and supportive lessons where my pupils feel free to express their thoughts and are happy to learn in a mutually enjoyable environment.

I have an empathy for people and can relate to a wide variety of different  personalities and backgrounds. 

Piano music has sustained me through happy times and sad. I had the most caring parents, my beautiful children and now my best friends, my loving second husband and my son. But my life has also offered sadness and challenges, and the ultimate tragedy of the loss of my beautiful daughter, and more recently, my mum and my dad. But my music remains.

To quote Ernest Hutcheson in "The Literature Of The Piano", "... the piano literature remains incredibly rich, noble and varied. May it long engage your mind and content your soul."

How To Contact Me

I am available for private lessons in my home studio in Humbug Scrub near Gawler, South Australia. I am also available as an accompanist or as a performer of classical music for your function, wedding or event. I am listed in the online directory of the Music Teachers' Association of South Australia and also in other music teaching indexes. You can contact me on my mobile 0458 435 966, email chris.adlard@bigpond.com, by filling out the online form below or via the link to my Facebook page below.