Newsletter 7/2013


                   5th February 2014



Hi to all.

Again I have to start this with some very sad news as the wives of two of our members have sadly recently passed away.

Kotha Elliott RIP.

Kotha was the wife of Peter and I do not know of the date of her death however her funeral was conducted on 25th January 2014.

Amanda Johns RIP.

Amanda was the wife of Lee and I believe that she passed away on the 24th January 2014. 

I do not have an address for Lee so if anyone does have this and wishes to pass it on to me I will, (with Lees consent) place it in the next Newsletter.

Chemical Contamination Claim.

I do not have any substantial news to pass on at this stage.  I do expect that Professor Lee
Guidotti will have wrapped up his investigation within the next two weeks and as soon as I receive his findings I will send them out as a Newsletter.  I must stress that will not result into a conclusion as these results will then go to a Committee set up from Defence, DVA, Dept of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations and Comcare who will resolve this issue.

I have received information that an RAAF Medical Officer, Dr Graham Peel was investigating the medical records of 71 Firefighters in reference to chemical contamination.  I knew that he was carrying this out however I did not know of the number.   I have passed on the medical records of a number of you, (with your consent) and more than likely these have been included in this.  I also know that the RAAF have looked into the medical records of members and included these, (anonymously) to be investigated.

The Australian Newspaper recently contacted me in reference to this and published an article in their 20th January 2014 edition.  I spent over 30 minutes in a phone interview with their reporter and I was rather perplexed that not one of the facts I gave him were used.  It appears that he had gathered the information he used from somewhere and as far as I was concerned it was a complete waste of their money and my time conducting this interview.

Reunion News.

Just under 6 months to go now and I have listed the following in this Newsletter:

Menu for the Saturday night dinner,

Attendance/Function booking Form,

Booking forms for Rydges and:

Booking forms dcazq2w for Ibis.

As you will see the Saturday dinner it is a very extensive menu and we have to select two choices from this for the three courses.  If you are attending please select your two choices, (number for that listing) from the Menu for each of the Entrée, Mains and Dessert.  I will then select the most popular for this Dinner.

The Hotel booking forms are there for you to book directly with the Hotel of your choice.  These two hotels opposite each other and are only approximately twenty metres apart.  These booking forms cover accommodation and breakfasts required and you are to make direct contract with that Hotel.  For those who have Rydges membership, I have asked if you may obtain an additional discount and the answer is No as the quoted prices are lower that what this would be.

The function form is for all of the functions, which are being held at Rydges, and are to be returned to me with your payment.  As with the past reunion I will then make a bulk payment for these at the end.  Payment details are on this form.

Due to the success with calling for donations for drinks at the functions at the last Reunion I have once again included this in with the function booking form.  We ended up with sufficient funds to have a drinks tab for all three functions and I believe that this is a much fairer system rather that setting a drinks tab for all.

We are still working on other activities such as;

A visit to the RAAF Museum,

A tour of the Kissing Point Museum,  (which opens in April)

The Reef Aquarium,

Memorial Service on the Sunday and

A Magnetic Island visit. 

The details of these will be advised as soon as available.  If there are requirements for bus transfers for these I will advise of these costs which will be paid to me.

I have made contact with Seaplane flight tour called the Red Baron and their brochure and booking form are with this Newsletter.  The booking and costs are to be made directly to the Red Baron. 


I have been given the menu for our reunion dinner and as before I have to make a selection of two from each course so I have opened it up to a vote.  Please let me know your two selections for each using the numbers listed against that choice in the attached survey.


1    Potato & watercress soup, walnut praline                                                                                                                2    Pea & ham soup, sage croutons                                                                                                                                3    Roast butternut pumpkin with crème fraiche                                                                                                             4    Sweet corn & coconut soup, prawn-coriander dumplings                                                                               5    Applewood smoked chicken, cous cous salad, preserved lemon dressing                                                        6    Cream od asparagus, crème fraiche & olive crumbs                                                                                               7    Caesar salad with baby cos, reggiano parmesan, croutons & anchovy dressing                                       8    Peppered beef tenderloin, greek salad, lemon & herb dressing                                                                          9    Salad of smoked chicken, eggplant & noodles, sesame & coconut dressing                                                  10    Teriyaki Tasmanian salmon, Sichuan aubergine, miso mustard sauce                                                                 11    Traditional smoked salmon, dill potato salad & horseradish cream                                                                     12    Oriental chicken salad, avocado & tomato salsa. blood orange oil                                                                           13    Sumac spiced chicken medallion, mango, watercress & witlof salad, blood orange dressing                              14    Tian of wild tiger prawns with avocado, vine ripened tomato, honey, caper dressing                                             15    Duck rillettes, Margaret duck medallion, tatsol tomato                                                                                               16    Beef carpaccio, micro herb salad, wasabi air                                                                                                     17    Tasmanian smoked salmon, brioche, crème fraiche, salmon caviar                                                                   18    Ocean trout tartare with cucumber, guacamole & grissini                                                                                          19    Duck  salad with bitter greens, pear & roasted wallnuts, ginger-honey-sherry-dressing                             20    Baked tomato & bocconcini tartlet, baby spinach & grano padono, pesto oil (served warm)                              21    Lightly pan seared tuna medallion, grilled vegetables & garlic aioli


1    Grilled chicken breast on salad of rocket & marjoram. Goat cheese filo                                                           2    Roast fillet of beef, creamed leek, grilled asparagus, béarnaise sauce                                                3    Roast beef tenderloin, sautéed baby spinach, wild mushrooms, rossini butter                                                          4    Slow roasted beef tenderloin, onion crumbs, truffled Paris potato mash, shiraz jus                                                  5    Roast fillet of beef with garlic prawns, gold potato puree, horseradish foam & shiraz jus                                        6    Roast fillet of beef, pumpkin & sweet potato frits, Yorkshire pudding, bearnaise & merlot reduction    7    Chinese crispy chicken, chilli-coconut sauce, rice, bok choy & peanut sambal                                              8    Grilled chicken breast, risotto of butternut pumpkin, wild rocket leaves, chicken gravy                                    9    Pork fillet saltimbocca, field mushrooms, buttered leek & light garlic jus                                                              10    Roast pork rack, prune farce, celeriac puree, chocolate shiraz syrup                                                       11    Rosemary lamb rack with ratatouille vegetables, goat cheese polenta & lamb jus                                       12    Roast loin of Victorian lamb, mustard herb crust, cumin scented aubergine, red pepper sauce               13    Seared coral trout, risotto of prawns, lemon & chilli, shallot & dill butter sauce                                            14    Fillet of Tasmanian salmon on prawn mash, bacon lardons, chives & shiraz jus                                                 15    Seared barramundi fillet, clam saffron risotto, roast tomato puree, basil oil                                                        16    Seared barramundi, potato gateau, tomato beurre blanc, steamed sugar snap peas                                             17    Roast chicken breast, corn & prawn congee, shimiji mushrooms, shoaxing wine broth                    

18    Chermoula marinated chicken breast, Mediterranean salad, garlic fried potatoes                               19    Moroccan spiced chicken breast, currant & pine nut farce, sweet potato whip, thyme jus


1    Caramel poached pears with toffee sauce, double cream                                                                                 2    Steamed fig pudding, butterscotch sauce & double cream                                                                                        3    Lemon custard pudding, cherry-port compote, double cream                                                                           4    Baked lemon & lime tart, Chantilly cream, raspberry sauce                                                                                    5    Baked lemon cheese cake, seasonal berry compote                                                                                       6    Chocolate brownie, hazelnut-frangelico anglaise, tropical fruit crisps                                                                7    Chocolate & raspberry mousse, red wine poached prunes, almond wafer                                                       8    Milk chocolate mascarpone tarte, raspberry reduction


There is a lot happening now that we are on the run down and it will be July before we know it so please help me by filling in the survey and returning them to me as soon as possible please.  From the past reunions it is about this time when I go into organised panic mode so if I have missed anything or you require additional functions please let me know now.

As I have carried out in the past I will be including the names of the people who have registered as they are received in future Newsletters.

All the best.



NAME:                                          ___________________________________________

WIFE/PARTNERS NAME (If attending)       ________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS:     ___________________________________________


PHONE:    ____________      MOBILE:   ______________ Email:  ____________________________    



                            FRI 18TH JULY   ______

                            SAT 19TH JULY  ______

                            SUN 20TH JULY  ______



MEET & GREET   No. attending at $30 a head          No ____        COST $  __________

RENUNION DINNER   No. attending at $ 70 a head       No____         COST $  __________

DEDICATION LUNCH   No. attending at $ 50 a head       No____         COST $  __________

DO YOU WISH TO MAKE A DONATION FOR DRINKS         Amount    $ ___________          

                                                                        TOTAL       $ ___________

Method of Payment       

Cheque  Bank________________ Cheque No______________ Amount      $ ____________

Money Order  _______________ Number________________  Amount        $____________

Direct Debit to - BOQ. BSB 124001. Acc# 20314662                     Amount        $____________

Dietary or Mobility requirements:    __________________________________________________________


I will acknowledge payments made by sending a receipt either by Email or post when the payment has been received.

I will also register your names as attending the respective functions. 

Rydges Southbank Townsville

  Phone:  07 47265250

RAAF Fire & Rescue Accommodation Request – Free Independent Travellers

Please fill out the below to secure your reservation and forward to Michelle Diehm at, or PO Box 2181,Townsville, Qld. 4810                                                           A confirmation email will be sent for all bookings – Please contact the hotel direct if you do not receive your confirmation

Arr: __________ July 2014 Dept: __________ July 2014

Room Type: Standard Queen Room Rate: $159.00 Room Only Event Rate

To ensure you a swift and pleasant check in please fill out the appropriate information listed below;

Surname: _________________________________

Given Name: ______________________________

Address: __________________________________

City/Suburb: _______________________________

State: ____________ Postcode: _______________

Country: __________________________________

Email Address: ____________________________

Home Phone: _____________________________

Mobile Phone: _____________________________

Payment Details & Information

Credit Card Room only Room & Meals only

All Charges Other Please Specify _______________________

Card Number:

Expiry Date:

Name on Card  ____________________________  


Signature on Card  ______________________________

Please be advised that there is a transaction fee Visa and MasterCard 1.5% AMEX and Diners Club 3.5%

You acknowledge that in signing this guest preregistration card you agree to be personally liable for all the accommodation and ancillary costs charged to your room and for any loss or damage to the room during your stay


Ibis Townsville

Ibis Townsville

12-14 Palmer Street

Townsville, Qld 4810

Phone: 07 4753 2000

Fax: 07 4753 2006


RAAF Reunion 2014

Accommodation Booking Form

GUEST NAME: ________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________

SUBURB: ____________________________ STATE: ________________ P/CODE: ___________

PHONE: _____________________ MOBILE: _______________________

EMAIL: ____________________________________________________


Rates - $149 per room per night (17th to 20th July 2014)

Arrive: ________________________

Depart: ______________________

Do you have any special access requirements? ________________________________

**In order to receive the above accommodation rates, all bookings must be received prior to 17th June 2014.

Any bookings made after this date may not be entitled to the discounted rate above and will be charged at the

hotels rate of the day. Any bookings made outside of the reunion dates will also be charged at the hotels rate

of the day.


Would you like to include breakfast ($15 per person per day)? Y / N


We require credit card details to guarantee your booking for your accommodation. If you would like to prepay

or make a deposit towards your bookings, please note this below:

Visa MasterCard Amex Diners

Credit Card number: _________________________________ Exp Date: ____________

Cardholders Name: ____________________________ CVV: _______________

Cardholders Signature: ____________________________________

Please advise the amount you would like to pre-pay / deposit: ______________________


I have attached the details and photo of the Red Baron seaplane which makes trips out of Townsville for those of you who may be interested.  My wife, Pat and I have taken this trip and found it extremely enjoyable.

This movie star is now gracing the skies over beautiful Magnetic Island and Townsville.  The historic Grumman Sea-Cat starred in the movie The Phantom and is now being cast in this new adventure.  It is the only two passenger, open cockpit bi-plane on floats in the world.  Billy Zane and Catherine Zeta have flown in it.


Townsville Panoramic (Departing from Townsville)

Taking off on the waters adjacent to the Strand, you will get to see the vibrant Port and the Townsville CBD. Then we will follow the Ross River up towards James Cook University. Admire the impressive Mount Stuart before circling past Townville international airport, back around the monolithic Castle Hill. Complete the journey with a breath taking low level pass in front of the Strand before landing. If you’re up for it, ask the pilot for some Adrenaline pumping manoeuvres.

Duration: 30 mins (approx) *max 2 passengers per flight Flight Time (takeoff to landing): 15 mins ( approx )

Price - $365 per flight (same price for one or two Passengers)

Magnetic Island Eco tour (Departing from Townsville)

As its name suggests this flight entails the circumnavigation of the beautiful Magnetic Island. Rocky granite headlands, blanketed with Hoop Pine trees leading down to the 23 bays and beaches makes Magnetic Island truly extraordinary. Taking off and landing from the Strand, you will get a chance to view coral reef off picnic bay, the inaccessible five beach bay and an abundance of marine life (including whales). All of this and more, viewable from the open cockpit of the Red Baron seaplane.

Duration: 40 mins (approx) *max 2 passengers per flight Flight Time (takeoff to landing): 20 to 25 mins ( approx )

Price - $495 per flight (same price for one or two Passengers)

NOTE : The prices above are the normal prices.  (Deduct the 10%) We would be pleased to offer a 10% discount on the prices listed above for joy flights taken by attendees between the 17th to the 20th of July.

Bookings must be made directly to us on 0418 896 770 and the attendees need to quote ‘Defence Fire & Rescue Reunion special’ to obtain the discount.