360 Degree Interactive Virtual Tours from NASA Mars Rover Panoramas, photos courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech, virtual tours by Georama
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13 October 2012 "CURIOSITY'S LOCATION DURING FIRST SCOOPING " (Curiosity, mosaic of Navcam images): Smooth surfaces of the windblown sand and dust of the "Rocknest" area, in the foreground, are what signaled from a distance that this might be an appropriate place to spend about three weeks collecting and using the mission's first few scoopfuls of soil.
28 August 2012 "CURIOSITY ON THE MOVE" (Curiosity, 30 Navcam images): Curiosity's cameras are open and fully operational and it is moving, sending back shots showing the rollerbot and the heights of the 3.4 mile high Mt. Sharp as it prepares to leave for its mission to the geological deposits at the base of the mountain.
"GREELEY HAVEN" (Opportunity, 187 Pancam images): Opportunity's tracks can be seen as it approached from the south. On the horizon is Rich Morris Hill. The dust deposit to the north is called North Pole. The interior of the 22 km diameter Endeavour Crater can been seen just below the horizon.
"MCMURDO" (Spirit, 1449 Pancam images): Spirit is on a small hill called Low Ridge in the Gustav Crater. Husband Hill is on the horizon, the rippled El Dorado sand dune field is near the base of that hill, and the lighter-toned Home Plate is below the dunes.
"EREBUS RIM" (Opportunity, 1300 Pancam images): Opportunity is exploring sand dunes and outcrop rocks in Meridiani Planum. This panorama provides a fine view of the finely-layered outcrop rocks, wind ripples, and small cobbles and grains along the rim of the wide but shallow Erebus crater.
"HUSBAND HILL SUMMIT" (Spirit, 653 Pancam images): Spirit arrived at the broad, windswept plateau of Husband Hill summit from the west, along the direction of the rover tracks. The peaks of McCool Hill and Ramon Hill are on the horizon.
"LYELL PANORAMA" (Opportunity, 800+ Pancam images): Opportunity examines rocks inside an alcove called Duck Bay inside the western portion of Victoria Crater after a planet-wide duststorm.